Article Processing Charge

At Expert Journals, we promote the idea of transparency in terms of payment policy and costs associated with the publication of academic articles.

What are Article Processing Charges?


Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees regarding your article publication. Expert Journals does not charge any other fee for longer articles, extra pages, additional authors, or bank commissions. There is only one APC per accepted article.


How and when do I pay the APC?

The publication fee for Expert Journals is 150 EURO for each article. You may pay the publication fee by credit/debit card or PayPal.



Are there any discounts for Reviewers?

We want to extend support to any of our Reviewers who commit their time and effort in improving open access research. We encourage our Reviewers to submit their article and claim a credit worth 20% of the APC.


Are there any discounts for Recurring Authors?

We value our Authors and appreciate their support and collaboration. This is why we offer a 20% discount for Recurring Authors on their subsequent articles they choose to publish with us.

Fair-Dealing in the Author-Publisher Relationship


What is Fair-Dealing in the Author-Publisher Relationship?

When you choose to submit an article for review at Expert Journals, this manuscript should not have been published or submitted anywhere else. If at any point on the duration of the double-review process, you, as the corresponding author change your mind about your article publication at Expert Journals, you should contact us and inform us of this decision, so that we can stop the peer review.