Academic Article Promotion: 6 Marketing Tactics for a Bigger Impact

Authors' articles should be supported with marketing and promotion tactics that maximize the publication's impact.
High-quality research papers should be noticed and shared so that the research can reach new audiences and citation potential. Once an academic article is published the work of journal Editors does not stop.

At Expert Journals, we believe that our Authors should be supported throughout the publishing process, and this includes the article promotion of published work to achieve a bigger impact of the Authors’ research.

Sharing research with a wider audience increases the visibility of an article, and as a publisher we are committed to ensuring your research reaches as wide and diverse an audience as possible, through various mediums.

Here are the article promotion tactics we use to help ensure any academic journal article gets seen, read and cited:

1. Databases of Indexing, Abstracting, and Listing of Published Articles

In the academic community, the key elements that lead to academic article promotion and visibility consist of all the forms of indexing services.

Our are indexed and abstracted in more than 10 major academic databases and more than 190 libraries from all around the world, which exponentially lead to a higher discoverability factor of a publisher article.

2. Social Media

We share published Authors’ article on various networks and beyond, by promoting research papers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms.

3. Email Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to share information about published academic articles and issues of the four journals associated with Expert Journals to subscribers of our blog.

This article promotion tool is valuable because interested Researchers can come in contact with research papers resonating with their field of study and can further lead to article dissemination and citations.

4. Expert Journals Repository

To maximize the visibility and impact of the outputs published in our academic open access journals, we also include them in our Expert Journal Repository.

Our repository subscribes to the “Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting” (OAI-PMH) for the propagation and promotion of its contents, namely scholarly journal articles, thus extending their circulation and visibility on multiple academic platforms, scholarly databases, libraries.

5. Academic Search Engines

As an open access publisher of scholarly journals, Expert Journals makes research accessible and available immediately after publication and has developed all the necessary measures to index research papers in academic search engines, such as Google Scholar and World Cat, and thus, promote them to other Researchers.

6. Expert Journals Blog

On our main publisher’s site, we aim to increase the visibility of published research papers by including them on our blog. That’s why we develop blog posts about the academic articles that have been published in each issue of any of our scholarly journals, in marketing, economics, finance, business and management.

In this age of connectivity on the web, we believe valuable research should be shared in different forms that can increase the discoverability factor of an article, and consequently its high visibility. Therefore, we use our blog as a promotion tool that can help distinguish publications in online mediums.

Supporting article promotion is a very important matter that every online journal should carry out and help Authors and their work.

At Expert Journals, we believe that article promotion helps you, as Authors, to receive more citations, to raise your profile as a Researcher, to advance and benefit your paper, and to build a stronger reputation and move forward in your career.

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