About Us

We are a European publisher of high quality content

As a publishing division of Sprint Investify, at Expert Journals we promote high quality scholarly articles that are freely available to everyone. Our publishing platform helps researchers turn their efforts into high visibility academic articles.

Aims and Scope

Expert Journals is committed to publishing papers that are thought-provoking and exploratory in order to make contributions to each field of study. Currently, Expert Journals represents four open access journals:

Expert Journal of Finance

Expert Journal of Finance provides an open access outlet for financial research meant to enhance the dissemination of original theoretical and empirical peer reviewed articles. This financial journal is dedicated to the understanding of the full spectrum of financial topics, concepts, and current issues in relation to their practical applications.

Expert Journal of Marketing

Expert Journal of Marketing is committed to publishing a broad range of marketing scholarly and managerial relevant scholarly articles that bridge the gap between theory and practice. This marketing journal provides a venue for high quality articles dealing with marketing in its various forms.

Expert Journal of Economics

Expert Journal of Economics is an open access forum that attracts, selects, and publishes influential theoretical, empirical or policy related academic articles in the field of economics. This economic journal aims to make a genuinely valuable contribution to current understanding of economics.

Expert Journal of Business and Management

The purpose of Expert Journal of Business and Management is designed to be an open access forum for a dissemination of relevant and original scholarly articles dealing with aspects of business and management.

These academic journals deliver original, peer-reviewed papers from international authors meant to provide new theoretical and empirical frameworks and ideas in their respective fields. The scholarly articles in all the peer reviewed journals are available in full-text and free of charge to our web visitors.

Open Access Academic Journals

All online academic journals of Expert Journals are open access, meaning that the accepted articles are available for any reader to access and download for free. Read more on the benefits of Open Access publication of scholarly articles.

High-Quality Manuscripts

Papers submitted to Expert Journals can present empirical, conceptual and review papers, teaching notes, case studies, book reviews that provide relevant insights on economic, financial, marketing or business subjects.

All academic articles submitted for publication should exhibit relevancy, value, originality, clear argumentation, reasoning, persuasive evidence, intelligent analysis, and clear writing. Also, we highly recommend that authors concur to generally accepted publication ethics in developing their articles.

Peer Review

In order to provide valuable scholarly articles to readers, Expert Journals uses the process of peer review by enlisting expert referees to read and comment on the research articles submitted, in order to provide validation and endorsement.

Find out more information about this evaluation process for our academic journals, and a guide on how to publish your article in a peer reviewed journal.