The Many Benefits of Open Access Publication

Open Access Research promotes the idea of freely accessible studies and increases the visibility of new discoveries among Researchers and Authors

Open Access Research promotes the idea of freely accessible studies and increases the visibility and propagation of new discoveries among Researchers and Authors. But,

Why is Open Access Research Important?

“In a nutshell, open access is improving the way scholarly information is shared.”

Open access follows the principle that peer-reviewed scholarly research should be easily and freely accessible online, without any cost for the reader, immediately after publication.

Another feature of this open access principle consists of the fact that readers have the right to publish and reuse the initial scientific research as long as they cite the content, by properly mentioning the author and publisher. In this respect, creative commons acts as a facilitator of open access journal publishing, through different types of licenses.

Also, a 2016 Knowledge Exchange Report considers DOAJ and SHERPA as the two most important services available in the open access community, and Expert Journals is indexed and abstracted in both of these services.

A New Publishing Model with Many Benefits for Authors

The outline of this new publishing model is leading to a notable progress and higher impact of scientific research. At Expert Journals, we are focused on making valuable research available online very soon after article acceptance, while promoting a thorough peer review process.

Thus, we believe that significant work in marketing, economics, business and management, and finance should be accessed, shared, and enhanced in subsequent research with positive impact and benefits for you, as Authors, such as:

    • – helpful and insightful comments of Reviewers,
    • – affordable publication,
    • – fast publication,
    • – great customer support in the editorial process,
    • – citations,
    • – wider dissemination,
    • – increased audience,
    • – recognition and authority in Authors’ study area.
Authors have appreciated the benefits of their Open Access publication with Expert Journals
Compared to the traditional publishing model (that charges expensive subscriptions for researchers, libraries, and businesses), the Open Access model promoted by Expert Journals aims to increase the significance, impact, and propagation of scientific research through the power of the Internet.
Articles have been published in Open Access, by Expert Journals
Basically, by accessing Open Access articles published by Expert Journals, other Readers and Researchers get unrestricted access to the same valuable, high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific articles that used to be available only by pricey subscriptions.

Rapid publication increases the audience for academic studies and overcomes the increasing high price barrier to access charged by the traditional, subscription-based publishing model.

By publishing your next article with Expert Journals, in marketing, economics, finance, business and management, You, as the Author, will contribute to the expansion of valuable research that is easily disseminated because of the Open Access Publication Model.
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