How Open Access Leads to a Wider Circulation of Published Articles

Open access articles benefit from the power of indexing and discoverability to produce relevant and accurate results.

Every researcher aspires to a wide circulation and outreach for their published articles. But additional clarification is necessary to fully understand this concept and how it helps your research paper for reaching broader audiences.

What Is Wide Circulation Related to Academic Articles?

Wide circulation is a buzz concept in scholarly publishing that showcases the degree to which researchers can locate academic content needed to progress their scientific studies. And high quality research papers should benefit from the power of indexing and discoverability to produce relevant and accurate results.

At Expert Journals, we believe that wide circulation is a key element of enhancing the significance of published articles. Publishing your article in an open access academic journal can have a positive effect on a broader circulation of your research paper.

How Are the Publication Models Changing?

In the recent years, authors seem more and more open towards publishing in a highly accessible manner that showcases their research papers to millions of people.

Among academics and university administrations there is this wrongful preconception that publications in open-access journals are not prestigious enough. However, we believe that in this era of technology and easy to reach information, open access journals, like Expert Journals, actually provide high visibility and a wide spread of knowledge than traditional subscription based journals.

We believe that practice and publication of research papers is changing rapidly and the academic world in particular needs to adapt. Our academic journals in marketing, economics, finance, business and management are focused on embracing this change towards open access research and publication, and making valuable scholarly articles available for everyone, all around the world.

Research reveals a growing belief that open access presents the opportunity for a wider circulation and higher visibility than publication in a traditional subscription journal.

Open Access and Academic Article Circulation

Our belief in the open access publishing model and its support of broader article circulation is unwavering. Research papers should be shared and expanded upon by many authors from different backgrounds in terms of education and location. When more people contribute to a certain topic in any study field, knowledge as a whole improves, as a result.

The Open Access principle implies that a valuable research holds with it the responsibility to circulate that work as widely as possible. This responsibility also extends to us, at Expert Journals, as an European publisher of academic journals, to reinforce new publishing models that advance access and availability to scholarly journal articles.

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