Google Scholar

All four of our academic journals at Expert Journals are included in Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great platform for academic journals to increase the visibility of the articles and research they publish.

As an online and freely accessible academic search engine, this platform allows Researchers to search for academic content and resources. It contains information from academic publishers, university repositories, and other websites that have been identified as scholarly and scientific.

However, for academic content to appear in Google Scholar a complex list of requirements need to be fulfilled. For instance, there are different guidelines for inclusion for HTML articles (such as preparing article URLs; configuring the meta-tags in Dublin Core or Highwire; appropriate references section) and other aspects that are required for PDF files (setting up unique URLs; specific criteria of formatting the title with a font of at least 24pt, author names, bibliographic citation; marking the references).

Expert Journals at Google Scholar

At Expert Journals, we have taken all the necessary steps for both the HTML and PDF versions of our articles to ensure their indexation in the largest academic content search engine.

Usually, after publication, each article published in any one of our academic journals is included in Google Scholar in 7-10 days (based on Google Scholar’s crawling algorithm).